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Prosperis Ltd is an owner-managed firm of independent financial advisers and possesses a wide range of complementary skills, experience and qualifications.

Niall Gunn, Managing Director has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector having worked initially for a consulting actuary and then as a financial adviser. He advises on retirement and investment solutions for corporate and individual clients and understands the issues and concerns of the clients. His particular experience is working with key individuals in small to medium sized businesses. Advising them both on their corporate benefit structure and personal retirement and investment planning.

Leading Figure

Niall is a leading figure in the pensions industry having served an unprecedented three year term as Chairman of the Yorkshire Life & Pensions Society following nine years as a member of the committee. Second to his passion for pensions is Niall’s love of golf and is former Captain of Sand Moor Golf Club in Leeds.

Niall is committed to creating a working environment which actively encourages and facilitates the ongoing professional development of the Prosperis team.

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