Case Studies

Case Studies

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Paul is a typical client. He is 49 years old and married with grown up children. He has his own engineering firm where he is the 75% shareholder. He has £550,000 invested with us- but has another £200k invested elsewhere. He also acts as a trustee for a local charity. Paul had two main concerns when he met us:

Firstly, that his pension arrangements should be reviewed to maximise his chances of retiring at 60, rather than 65;

Secondly, that the charity investment policies should be brought up to date and a proper investment strategy put in place.

We applied our investment and asset allocation methods, coupled with over 25 years experience to reduce the risks that the Trust takes with its investments and increase the income to the Trust.

We also restructured Paul’s pension arrangements and systemised the asset allocation of the underlying investment to reduce risk and increase his sustainable growth.

Following a comprehensive selection procedure, Prosperis Ltd was appointed independent financial advisers by the Board of Trustees of a local charity.

The Charity employs 120 staff and the primary task at that time was to undertake a review of the Charity’s Employee Pension Scheme. The background to this was significant staff dissatisfaction with the incumbent adviser, particularly in the supply of information, advice and general client care. It was also believed that the Employee Pension Scheme was not providing sufficient return for the employees on their pension investments.

A thorough review by Prosperis Ltd led Trustees to accept a recommendation to close the existing scheme and replace it with an improved scheme. Staff were individually interviewed and options discussed. Feedback on this process was first class, with staff receiving a level of information and advice that was unprecedented for them.

The change to the new pension scheme was a complicated process. However, Prosperis Ltd guided the Trustees through this process, leading to a smooth transition from the existing scheme to the new scheme.

The Group Life Scheme was also reviewed and improved terms at no extra cost were achieved.

Prosperis Ltd continues to act as the Charity’s IFA providing employee/member information and undertaking events on a range of financial topics.

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