The Covid pandemic has brought mental health issues into sharp focus, and as the return to the workplace gains momentum, we may well see increased usage of support services.

Having support services in place and using them are two different challenges!

In a recent survey by Management Today and IOSH, it suggested that up to 62% of Line Managers felt their employer did not offer them enough support to deal with colleagues’ mental wellbeing.

Furthermore, only 31% felt they could identify the signs of a mental health problem and 57% said their organisation provided no mental health training!

Employers have a duty of care to protect the mental wellbeing of their staff and line managers can play a central role in helping see the warning signs of a mental health problem.

Recently, we have seen a host of new products from insurers come to the market, with many at no extra cost to a standard Group Life Assurance policy. They offer a wide range of tools managers and colleagues can call upon to help them recognise and manage problems before they become an issue.

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