Key Person

Key Person Insurance.

Key staff can represent the heart of any business.

Prolonged absence through serious illness, or even death, can be catastrophic for some companies, resulting in:

  • Loss of profits
  • The recall of loans
  • Reduced capacity
  • Loss of key clients/contacts

The risks are the same for limited companies, partnerships or sole traders. Prosperis Ltd can advise you how to secure a cash sum that will enable your business to survive in the short term while you deal with the immediate effects of the loss of a key person within your organisation.

Over the longer term, finance can be made available to subsidise profits whilst a replacement is recruited and gains the relevant experience needed.

How can we help?

To find out more about key man protection please give us a call on 01423 223 640 or complete the online enquiry form and we will give you a call to discuss your requirements.

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