Glastonbury falling victim to COVID presented the BBC the chance to fill our screens with highlights from earlier festivals. 20 years ago, the late David Bowie headlined the Pyramid Stage and, except for four songs, it was one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments – till now.  The lyrics to one of his greatest songs goes:

“Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older
Time may change me, But I can’t trace time”

There are many interpretations to the meaning of these words, but the enforced changes we have seen since lockdown in March has allowed many to look back and refocus. In 3 long months, certain lifestyle and cultural changes at home and work have been implemented successfully that previously would have taken significantly longer to put in place. As we look to the ‘new normal’, we encourage you now to look forward and consider how any changes are going to work for you.

What am I Spending?

You have probably spent more on food and drink at home, but have you looked at the impact of those outgoings that reduced or stopped altogether. For example Gym, Televised Sport, Fuel, sandwiches & coffee. Are you enjoying having a little more left over at the end of the month?  Is this an excuse to reassess your spending habits?

This is a perfect time to review your savings habits too. Increasing regular saving into ISAs and your pension add up over time and accumulate into larger sums which will give you greater opportunity later on.

What are my Goals?

Now is an excellent time to review what you want to achieve. Perhaps the pandemic has refocused and caused you to re-evaluate plans. These will evolve, but are you going to spend more time working from home, delay or bring forward your retirement, change career, holiday more or less?

Where does this now dovetail into your financial planning strategy, how will it impact your spending discussed above?  In turn all this impacts the investment strategy that is pivotal to you achieving these.

Alongside this, are you still on track to meeting unchanged goals? Does the way your investments are structured and allocated need reviewing or updating?

Are things in place and up to date?

We have seen some grim statistics delivered regularly throughout. It is a salient reminder that the unexpected can happen. Are your instructions clear and relevant if you are not around or able to give them? Are things going to go into the right hands at the right time? Think also about your workplace pension and death in service benefits.

Now is an easier time to raise the ‘what if’ questions within your home and wider family. No one was shielded from the impacts of this, from our children not being at nursery or school, through to not being able visit or be in the company of loved ones. Seize the moment to update or prepare a Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney. Also use this time to review what protection you have in place in the event of death and/or long-term illness.

How can your Prosperis adviser help?

Whilst the impact of the pandemic has seen us temporarily close our office and have all our colleagues working from home, we have put in place remote working practices and developed new ones.

We have pushed our systems and technology to allow us to gather information from you and communicate our solutions. This also allows us to continue to nurture the relationships we have with our existing clients and professional connections reflecting the Prosperis philosophy of building a long-term commitment together. Some of these new ways of working will be integral to our practices going forward as many have embraced and enjoyed these!

The tools at our disposal allow us to model the scenarios presented by any new thinking together with realigning and reinvigorating your planning.

We look forward to hearing from you and realising your changes. Please contact your existing adviser or, if you would like to find out more on how we can help, call us on 01423 223640 or email at

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